Our Story

Gentlybound began with a crazy idea to make the outside of a bible as beautiful as the inside & to my surprise, it has turned into so much more!

Thanks so much for clicking on my shop, and taking the time to read just a little bit about its journey. I’m so happy you are here!

In 2016, I had this crazy idea to paint a bible while shopping for a creative one to buy myself. After painting my first one, friends and family began to ask to purchase one, and thus, Gentlybound was formed! 

For the first year, I traveled from coffee shop to coffee shop with a tiny little box of paint and painted just a few bibles that were paid for in cash. Over a few years and lots of prayers, this business has expanded into something I never thought possible. Bibles, journals, stickers, and starting at the end of 2018, apparel and mugs! 

The entire goal of this business is to glorify God. Period. This shop is to design products with the intention for people to come to know Jesus, for people to ask you questions about your apparel that start conversations, and to maybe give a gift to a loved one that could change their eternity. 

Thanks for being here and supporting my dream of Jesus going forward to the ends of the earth. Stick around to see where God takes it in the future! 

Much Love,
Britt Nelson